ORION – Garlic restructuring leave-in – nourishes – softens – gives shine


  • Gives intense shine unmatched softness.
  • nourishes
  • Restores
  • Sparkle
  • Conditions


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Article number: Garlic restructuring leave-in

Garlic restructuring leave-in

Leave-in: Intense nourishing conditioner without rinsing, ideal for very dry, frizzy hair and hair weakened by chemical processes (textured, permanent, iron, bleaching, etc.). Its rich formulation with garlic extract, vitamin E and sunscreen provides an intense regenerative action, protecting the hair structure without weighing it down. The result is silkier hair, easy to comb and luminous.


Remove excess water with a towel and apply LEAVE IN to the ends and all of the hair. then proceed to drying with rollers or blowers.

This product is 100% guaranteed.

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Numero de articulo: Leave-in restructurante de ajo

Leave-in restructurante de ajo

Leave-in: Acondicionador nutritivo intenso sin enjuague, ideal para cabellos muy secos, crespos y debilitados por procesos quimicos ( texturizados, permanentes, plancha, decoloraciones, etc.). su rica formulación con extracto de ajo, vitamina E y filtro solar, aporta una intensa acción regeneradora, protegiendo la estructura del cabello sin apelmazar. el resultado es un cabello mas sedoso, fácil de peinar y luminoso.


Retire el exceso de agua con una toalla y aplicar LEAVE IN en las puntas y todo el cabello. luego proceda al secado a rolos o blowers.

Este producto está 100% garantizado.

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