ORION – Argan shampoo – hydrates – softens – conditions


  • Enriched with natural sunflower extract
  • olive oil
  • Cleans and protects, leaving hair soft
  • bright and conditioned.


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Article number: Argan shampoo

argan shampoo

shampoo: It is hair based on argan oil, excellent for processed and dehydrated hair. cleanses and conditions the hair, leaving it free of impurities, soft and manageable.


Apply to previously wet hair until you get an abundant foam. Rinse and repeat, if necessary.

This product is 100% guaranteed.

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Numero de articulo: Shampoo de argan

Shampoo de argan

shampoo: Es capilar a base de aceite de argan, excelente para cabellos procesados y deshidratados. limpia y acondiciona el cabello, dejándolo libre de impurezas, suave y manejable.


Aplicar sobre el cabello mojado previamente hasta conseguir una abundante espuma. Aclarar y repetir, si es necesario.

Este producto está 100% garantizado.

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