Hair Plus – Growth Conditioner 32, Nourishing Mask 16 oz, Leave-in 8 oz, Growth Shampoo 32 oz, Growth Dropper 4 oz


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  • rosemary, honey, aloe vera and onion herbal shampoo, 100% natural ingredients with a number of benefits for the hair
  • We guarantee that your hair will have more growth, more shine, zero split ends and healthier hair. In conclusion, your hair will not look the same.



  • Growth conditioner 32 oz
  • Nourishing mask 16 oz
  • leave – in nutritious 8 oz
  • Growth shampoo 32 oz
  • 4 oz growth dropper


GROWTH CONDITIONER: stimulates growth, strengthens shine and prevents split ends. Apply to damp hair after having applied and removed the HAIR PLUS MASK.

NOURISHING MASK: hydrates and repairs the strand stimulating its growth. Apply to damp hair after washing.

NUTRITIVE LEFT: conditions and nourishes hair 100%. Apply to damp hair from roots to ends before blow drying.

GROWTH SHAMPOO: stimulates growth, restores shine and prevents split ends. Apply to damp hair, distribute evenly.

DRIPPER: nourishes the roots, reinforcing their health and growth. Apply to the scalp, massage and do not remove.

* Bag not included: you will be given one from our store *

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