GINGER MILK – Intensive kit and four-step energizing kit


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  • endowed with vitamins C, B6, K and antioxidants
  • helps seal cuticles and restore softness
  • protects hair from the effect of moisture



number of items

  • Shampoo
  • Thermal protector
  • Energy drops
  • Face mask
  • Gel


Shampoo: SHAMPOO: Our Shampoo is endowed with vitamins C, B6, K and antioxidants that help seal the cuticles and restore softness, protecting the hair from the effect of moisture. The combination with citric acid purifies the scalp and balances its PH. The combination with citric acid purifies the scalp and balances its PH.

Mask: NUTRITIVE MASK: Inspired by the infinite generosity of nature, this luxurious mask of jojoba oil, vitamin E, vegetable proteins, tamarind extract and the magic plus of the house: our ginger juice was born. With its fresh note, sweet background and spicy flavor + a pinch of vitaminized matrikin and fatty acids from the olive leaf, we created this powerful solution.

THERMAL AND SUN PROTECTOR: Extracts of ginger, jojoba, vanilla and broccoli (who would have thought?), Combined with vitamins B1, B6 and K give it the nutritional and antioxidant power, while the vitaminized matrikine and oleanolic acid of olive leaves are responsible. to stimulate hair growth.

FORTIFYING RESTORATIVE GEL: Our hair has come back to life! is a daring fortifying and revitalizing gel that stimulates the production of natural collagen, restores the strand and stimulates the hair follicles. Thanks to the powerful formula based on ginger juice, vegetable proteins, vitamins A, E, B7 and B12, you can ruffle your hair while still showing off thick, silky hair and soft to the touch.

HAIR ENERGY DROPS: You found the perfect potion to strengthen your roots. Its effect is so powerful that it seems magical. Our ginger juice, combined with rosemary, cinnamon, vegetable proteins, vitamins E and B12 + a pinch of Minoxidil, will fill your hair with energy, making it look fuller and more vital.


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