DOMANEL – Milk Conditioner 32 oz – softens


  • Formulated with lipids
  • almond extract
  • Palm oil, jojoba, olive, Keratin
  • green tea tree
  • Heals the strand by asking it for energy and softness
  • Silky and radiant hair.


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Item number: Milk Conditioner

Conditioner: Formulated with lipids, almond extract, palm oil, jojoba, olive, Keratin, and green tea tree, it moisturizes all the hair, heals the strand, giving it energy and softness that allows for silky and radiant hair.


After having washed with SHAMPOO, apply all over the hair with light massages to allow better absorption of nutrients into the hair. Let stand for 5 minutes and remove with plenty of water.

This product is 100% guaranteed

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 10 in
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Numero de articulo: Acondicionador de leche

Acondicionador: Formulado con lípidos, extracto de almendras, aceite de palma, jojoba, oliva, Keratina, y árbol de te verde, humecta todo el cabello, sana la hebra inquiriéndole energía y suavidad que permite lucir una cabellera sedosa y radiante.


Despues de haber lavado con SHAMPOO aplique por todo el cabello con ligeros masajes para permitir mejor absorcion de los nutriente al cabello. Dejar reposar por 5 minutos y retire con abundante agua.

Este producto está 100% garantizado.

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