ORION – Leave-in de argan – hidrata – da brillo

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  • La combinación perfecta de aceites vegetales 
  • extractos nutre tu cabello sin apelmazar.
  • excelente para proteger la hebra durante


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Numero de articulo: Leave-in de argan

  • Leave-in de argan

leave-in: Es capilar a base de aceite de argan, excelente para proteger la hebra durante y después del secado.


Despues del lavado del cabello aplique leave in entre puntas y largos y despues de estar aplicado seque el cabello de costumbre

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Article number: Argan Leave-in

Argan leave-in

leave-in: It is an argan oil-based capillary, excellent for protecting the strands during and after drying.


After washing the hair, apply leave in between ends and lengths and after being applied, dry the hair as usual

This product is 100% guaranteed.

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