Joico- Deep Penetretrating Reconstructor Penetracion 150 ML 5.1 fl.oz

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  • Esta poderosa combinación de aminoácidos reconstruye y fortalece las hebras estresadas.


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Item number: Deep Penetretrating Reconstructor Penetration 150 ML 5.1 fl.oz

  • Reconstructor Penetration

Penetration Reconstructor: This deep penetrating reconstructor has a loyal following that is unparalleled. The reason? In just five minutes (The 5-Minute Miracle!), this powerful combination of amino acids rebuilds and strengthens stressed strands… returning hair to its former glory in just one application. The perfect choice for: Hair of any texture, length or thickness that becomes damaged, dry and dull due to relentless exposure to thermal styling tools, chemical processes or harsh environments.

How to use: apply to damp, towel-dried hair; Allow to penetrate for a total of five minutes; then rinse. (Tip: leave it even longer for an additional treatment for your hair, your hair will thank you). You’ll feel the difference even before you pick up your hair dryer.

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