BLOOM – Leave-in 8 oz – suaviza – brillo – proteinas – lacea

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  • Suaviza naturalmente el cabello
  • Imparte brillo y lo mantiene sedoso
  • Ideal para cualquier tipo de cabello


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Numero de articulo: Leave-in 8 oz

  • Leave-in

Bolso no incluido: Te damos uno en nuestra tienda

Leave-in: Este suaviza naturalmente el cabello. imparte brillo y lo mantiene sedoso, además de ser ideal para cualquier tipo de cabello. esta enriquecido con proteinas de seda que dejaran su cabello suave, lacio y brilloso.

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Item number: Leave-in 8 oz

  • Leave-in

Bag not included: We give you one in our store

Leave-in: This naturally softens the hair. imparts shine and keeps it silky, as well as being ideal for any type of hair. It is enriched with silk proteins that will leave your hair soft, smooth and shiny.

This product is 100% guaranteed.

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